The One Thing Your Middle-Aged Man Must Read If You Don’t Want to Be Swapped Out

Men have a hard time talking about their feelings. What if you knew how to help your man make the second half of his life better and more relevant?

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The younger version of you. Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

An unheroic journey

We all know someone who has been through a Mid Life Crisis, if not ourselves, then a friend, a friend’s partner, a sister’s husband, a neighbour. A friend of a friend. We have witnessed this unheroic journey taken with varying degrees of dignity: for some couples, the phase creates a stronger bond, for most, it leaves a trail of carnage and destruction. Denial, excess, infidelity, rapidly broken relationships, and most importantly, the settling in of hopelessness, regret and self- doubt. The quiet and insidious acceptance that from this point forward, it’s all downhill. The best years are behind us.

The unquestioned untruth

The men in our lives appear to approach the middle age phase without questioning the dogma. It’s All Downhill from Here.

Stop, and realise that middle age is only half time

Imagine if the part of your life that came after the Mid Life Crisis was better.

Becoming Relevant

Becoming Relevant in the second half of life is a book that every man approaching middle age should read. It is an accessible book, designed to be read on a flight home, or a long commute to the office.

A guide for regular, mid-life crisis going men living in the suburbs with 2.5 kids, a mortgage, a dog they did not want, a job they barely tolerate, and a week where obligations regularly supersede hopes of mid — week sex

Stop the swap

The guidelines in Becoming Relevant work, as they don’t demand that one become like Ghandi. It is not a recipe for how to sell all of one’s earthly possessions and undertake a silent journey to Find Oneself in the ashrams of India, or the hills of Byron Bay. It does not demand that you become Vegan or give up wine.

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