Subplot v Subplot: Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Wars

No place like an Uber ride to catch up on the latest COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory #safeplace

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Uber Conspiracies #safeplace. Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

Subplot One: They are coming to vaccinate you 💉

“These times are strange indeed. My wife has just started to trust me. I have been telling her for a long tome now that these times were coming. I just did not know the timing. But now that the times are here, my wife is trusting me again.”

Subplot Two: Big Pharma 💰

The meeting went well. In fact, given the new challenges with employee morale under emerging isolated, work from home conditions, the client signed up with Uppit on the spot. I was having a very productive day, I thought to myself as I waited for my Uber ride back to my home/office.

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