Getting Through a Crisis with the 2+2+2 Method

A trusted six week week strategy to lift yourself out of a crisis pit, in readiness for forward motion

Fear, uncertainty and doubt challenge us all at different times. Melbourne, Australia

When I broke up with my first wife, the mother of my three children, it was a dark and harrowing time. The inability to see my children on a daily basis, and the sheer gut-wrenching reality that our family would never be “together” again, resulted in a long phase of doubt, dismay and sadness… There were many nights when I lay awake on a mattress on the floor of the home of nearby relatives, thinking I had made a very big mistake… I kept running every day, stopping on that bridge in the rain one day for long enough to let the grief, loss and self-doubt catch up with me.

Valparaíso, Chile

The first 2 weeks

Toowoomba, Australia

The middle 2 weeks

Two weeks, plus two weeks, is an insignificant amount of time to dedicate to clawing your way out of a pit of despair

Toowoomba, Australia

The last 2 weeks

Toowoomba, Australia

After the 2 + 2 + 2

Without physical fitness, there is no mental clarity; without mental clarity we won’t do our kids justice; without attending to our kids safety and wellbeing, we can’t focus on work; and without work, the system breaks down pretty quickly

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