Making sense of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a struggle for businesses and industry professionals alike. These six factors will help you get better returns on your marketing spend. Join Medium to read

Social media platforms shown under a microscope.

95% of traffic on the internet comes from Page One of Google

Like you, I spent most of 2020 working from home 😷. Perhaps unlike you, my year was spent advising New Zealand’s top export businesses on how to tune their digital presence for growth in the Australian market. I had the great privilege and fun working with some exciting companies, ranging…

Discover how to design products that consistently outperform industry conversion rates, and make you a more valuable designer. Join Medium to read

A collage of edgy designs from New York’s Jessica Walsh

Amazon projects a 79% increase in demand for digital workers by 2025

According to recent research from Amazon (AFR, 18 Feb 2021), Australia will need 6.5 million more…

Spoiler: it has nothing to do with the skills and experience of your next hire. It has to do with The Hum. Join Medium to read

The Hum exists in the space between. We miss seeing it, because it is not there

‘Ma’ is a Japanese boundary, but it isn’t a line. It is a void, an expanse. The literal translation is “space between,” but rather than a static gap, it is the distance that exists between objects as well as between time. …

A trusted six week week strategy to lift yourself out of a crisis pit, in readiness for forward motion

The view from the center of a crisis always looks warped. …

A handy reference of common pitfalls for novices and experienced UX testers.

UX Testing should not feel like a test. Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see — Thoreau

User testing is hard, and it takes years to master the skills to consistently deliver the kind of user tests that produce breakthrough insights. …

No place like an Uber ride to catch up on the latest COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory #safeplace

This is a true story, based on real events and people, told exactly as it went down…

The Uber driver arrived as I was just finishing the final touches on my presentation. As per usual, I hopped into the back seat, nodded a quick hello and refocussed my attention…

Add credibility to your idea in 8 easy steps.

Roundtable research discussion as winners Safewheel test their product assumptions. Photo by Rebecca Colefax, EarthTech Summ

The word “research” connotes images of bowties, books and boredom. Laborious journeys through volumes of life’s works recorded in inaccessibly obtuse collections of words. As most often the overeducated person in any room, I speak from experience. For me, the hardest part of writing a Doctorate Thesis was not the…

A Futurist’s guide to picking the bottom of the COVID-19 market crash. The answer is encoded in the patterns

When we meet, you will have a hard time placing me. I sound like I’m from here, but also from over there. I am small, but will captivate you with my big insights. I struggle to play poker, but have an uncanny knack for predicting numbers. …

Your A to Z for Apocalyptic Times

A is for Alphabet. Not Google 🚫

B is for Beta. Another chance to get it right

C is for crypto. Need we say more? 🤣

D is for Data centre. Your back-up plan 📄

E is for Elon. The Godfather of Tech 🙌🏻

F is for financial crisis…

To have great returns, you need great ideas. To have great ideas, you need great thinkers, understand who they are, and “pay them unfairly”

Laszlo Bock, the former Head of HR at Google, wrote an excellent book in 2015. In the book, he describes (what was, and remains) a controversial policy of paying people “unfairly” based on the quality of their contributions, rather than their role or seniority:

At Google, we… have situations where…

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